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October 11, 2014

Kid Awesome Kindergarten is an outstanding app. Developers have incorporated features that not only make it easy for young children to use, but that also will really motivate them to come back again and again. The high quality graphics rival many video games, and the music is exceptionally motivational, as it mimics the theme songs of the super hero genre of cartoon shows. The visual directions for children are easy to understand, and the activities move at a lightning pace that is sure to capture and keep nearly any child’s attention.


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October 2014


September 22, 2014

“It was obvious to me after playing them that the developers really put a lot of thought and effort into them and the result is a collection of educational, fun, engaging, challenging, stimulating, high-quality apps that your family will love.”


“If you are a parent or educator and are looking for a great way to reinforce math and phonics skills then look no further than Kid Awesome!”


“These apps are jam packed with essential phonics and math skills for your children wrapped up with a whole lot of fun.”


“Convincing your children to practice math and English has never been so easy!”